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Saturday, March 21, 2009

RCMP uses Taser to subdue teen

Under the amended policy, an officer is only permitted to use a stun gun if he or she is in physical danger or the public is in danger ... It means Mounties can no longer shock people who are simply "actively resistant" to officers' orders, the commissioner said ... "We've now made it very clear that the only time the use of a Taser can be justified is where there is a threat, either to our officers or members of the public," he told reporters after his appearance before the committee.

March 21, 2009
Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun

RCMP in Port Coquitlam used a Taser early Thursday to restrain a violent and distraught teenager.

Police were called just before 1 a.m. to the area of Cedar Drive and Lincoln Avenue to look into reports of several males shouting and fighting.

A witness reported one of the males making verbal threats; one report said one of them had a knife.

One of the youths told a witness he wanted to commit suicide, police said. A male who was fleeing was arrested without incident, but a second male with blood on his sweater and face shouted at police that he wanted to be killed. Officers ordered the 16-year-old to put his hands up and advised him he was under arrest. "The male continued to shout at officers that he wanted to be killed," RCMP Cpl. Peter Thiessen said.

"He was told several times to lie down on the ground. However, he continued to ask that the officers kill him, and he refused to obey instructions."

A Taser was used on the teen, who was restrained without further incident. He was examined by ambulance paramedics at the Coquitlam RCMP detachment. Police said the teen, who showed signs of intoxication, was reported missing from a youth home in Burnaby. He was taken to a local hospital for a mental health assessment.

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