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Monday, December 08, 2008

Re: Police chiefs to develop Taser policy

December 8, 2008

At the November 29, 2008 meeting of the CACP Board of Directors, President Steven Chabot, Deputy Director General of the Sûreté du Quebec, announced he is convening a summit of key national players in mid-January to develop a CACP policy on Tasers. Invitees include the Canadian Police Association, representing rank and file police officers, the Canadian Association of Police Boards, representing civilian governance bodies, and police training institutions.

While the CACP policy, training standards, and accountability process would not be mandatory, they would serve as a nation-wide measure for all police departments.

CACP leadership on this issue is not new. Although results from an independent laboratory indicated that there were issues, other tests have shown positive results with the device. CACP continues to strongly support this tool and in the development in policies, training standards and accountability mechanisms.

“Police support the judicious use of the device because it is an alternative to the
use of deadly force,” said President Chabot. “There is no doubt that it increases officer and public safety. But we must be sure that our officers are using a device that operates reliably and safely and that they are trained in its appropriate use.”

CACP recommends that Policing agencies take an immediate inventory of all Tasers in their possession and that they have their pre-2005 Tasers or any Taser not working according to the manufacturers specifications, immediately examined.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Vice President, Chief Tom Kaye, is championing this issue and the membership is encouraged to consult with Chief Tom Kaye for further direction.

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