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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taser: Novel trial theme nearly causes taser investors cardiac arrest

November 29, 2008
Steve Lombardi, Attorney, InjuryBoard.com

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The Court Argument: Prolonged or repeated Tasering causes acidosis, an excess of acid in the bloodstream. The acidosis, in turn, can cause cardiac arrest.

That argument coupled with a failure to warn law enforcement by the manufacturer caused Taser International’s stock to hiccup 10% while stock holders let their stomach’s settle. The jury returned a verdict that included $5 Million in puntive damages, an award that was taken away by the trial judge.

It’s a nice tight argument but I’d need to see the medical literature that supports the acidotic theory. It worked in Los Angeles but will it work elsewhere? That is the question that will get Taser International stockholders reaching for the Rolaids.

Posted by Anon
Saturday, November 29, 2008 6:22 PM EST

The question whether the acidosis increase argument will work elsewhere (or again)? The answer is "no." This is based on solid, and unrefuted, current and soon to be published human research. The bottom line is that 60 seconds of struggle, running 200 yards (less than 30 seconds), 30 seconds of push ups, etc. create far greater increases in acidosis (actually increases in lactate and decreases in pH) than a 15 second continuous TASER device exposure (even in worst caes exposure scenarios). Thus, using a TASER device to expeditiously end an arrestee's fighting and struggling is far better for the person (as far as acidosis) than to allow the person to continue fighting, resisting, struggling (which dramatically increases the risk of physiologically compromising acidosis).

Posted by Steve Lombardi
Saturday, November 29, 2008 6:43 PM EST

Anon: I'll give you the opportunity to identify yourself. If you don't use your legal name I will remove your comment. I have to wonder how it is you know about research that has yet to be published? Do you work for Taser International? Are you a stockholder? What is your connection to Taser International, if any?

Steve Lombardi

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