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Thursday, November 13, 2008

State rep. tasered in show of support


November 13, 2008
By Ryan Loew • Lansing State Journal

"Electrifying." Perhaps an understatement, but that's how state Rep. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, described the experience of being Tasered on Wednesday.

Jones allowed himself to be Tasered during a House Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources Committee meeting in an effort to show the safety of the personal protection devices.

A Taser is a high-voltage stun gun.

Jones and others testified before the committee in support of House Bill 5755, which would allow Michigan residents to carry Tasers for self defense.

Jones, a former Eaton County sheriff, said he had never been Tasered before.

As part of the demonstration, a Taser company official attached two contact probes to Jones' back, and while Eaton County Sheriff Mike Raines and a deputy held him, the trigger was pulled.

Jones described the five -second experience as "stunning" and "incapacitating."

"I wouldn't necessarily volunteer for it again," Jones said.

"If I had to to get it past the Senate, I would ... "


Anonymous said...

"...a Taser company official attached two contact probes to Jones' back..."

Note -> "...back..."

Allow me to state it clearly. The reason that they attach the probes or darts to the back is that it is vastly safer than putting them across the chest where it is much more likely to affect the heart.

Taser may try to disagree. But if I am not correct, then let Taser start putting the probes across the chest each and every time (instead of the back) for all such demonstrations and training.

Cheap stage trick.



No need to argue. No need to discuss. No need to sue. Just shut up and start shocking these idiot volunteers in the chest directly across the heart. Publish a new guide showing exactly where to place the barbs for maximum risk.

Go ahead.

Just do it.

Loring Wirbel said...

I grew up in Grand Ledge, and Rick makes me sick. He is a grand-stander for conservative causes that has little worthy to say about anything. This dog-and-pony show does not surprise me.