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Friday, November 14, 2008

Australian police feel heat after teenage girl tasered

"Usage creep" down under, too, you say? Shocking!!

November 15, 2008
By Michael McKenna, Herald Sun

Police held down teen and tasered her
She was waiting with sick friend
Police now face disciplinary action

QUEENSLAND police face disciplinary action after they held down and tasered a 16-year-old girl who had defied an order to move on because she was waiting for an ambulance to treat her sick friend.

The Crime and Misconduct Commission and police ethical standards unit are investigating the April incident - during a year-long trial of tasers - which has drawn a strong rebuke from a magistrate of the Brisbane Children's Court, The Weekend Australian reports.

The girl, who cannot be named, had a charge of obstructing police dismissed after the Children's Court yesterday ruled one of the two officers involved did not give adequate directions, under police move-on powers, before he and two private security guards held the slightly-built teenager down, shot her in the thigh with the taser and then arrested her, initially on a charge of assaulting police.

Magistrate Pam Dowse also criticised the police officers for over-reacting to the teenager's refusal to leave her unconscious friend, a girl, before the ambulance arrived. The teenagers were alleged to have been involved in an earlier altercation with another group of tourists.

Ms Dowse said it was not unreasonable for police to have allowed the group of about six to remain until the ambulance arrived, given that the number of adults present appeared to have the situation under control. "It didn't seem to be a crisis requiring such a stern response," she said.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm on:

"Well, it's a good thing that they had a taser. Otherwise they would have held this young lady down and shot her in the head with a police revolver."

Sarcasm off:

Where are the Taser fan boys to try to defend tasers and their normal day-to-day use in cases such as this?

Tasers - for some reason - lead directly to exactly this sort of misuse, abuse and overuse.

This bizarre characteristic is, in itself, more than enough reason to ban the damn things outright.

If the police misused, abused and overused their cars to this degree, then they'd be walking.