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Monday, June 16, 2008

A real heavyweight belt

The New York Gothamist website posted a similar article and called it:

Tasers May Cause Drop in Fatalities, Pants

June 16, 2008
Reuven Blau, The New York Post

June 15, 2008 -- Last week's NYPD directive that supervisors carry their Taser stun guns instead of leaving them in patrol cars had sergeants around the city scratching their heads as to where to hang the thing. Sergeants are already carrying more than 16 pounds of equipment - including handcuffs, keys to their patrol cars and stationhouse lockers, a 9mm or SIG Sauer gun with holster and two 15-bullet magazines, expandable batons or nightsticks, flashlights, radios and pepper spray.

"I'm not sure where this goes," said one sergeant in lower Manhattan, as he tried to strap the non-lethal Taser to his left leg.

The department requires only that the $500 devices be worn opposite the guns to prevent cops from reaching for the wrong weapon.

Sergeants who spoke to The Post welcomed the new Taser policy, but one said, "You can barely sit in a patrol car with all this stuff."

Selected police officers will also soon be equipped with Tasers, based on recommendations by the RAND Corporation. That study was initiated in January 2007, shortly after a police shooting in Queens that killed Sean Bell and injured two of his friends.

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