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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The truth according to Tom


The following have been attributed to Tom before, during and after his "slick and speedy" performance at the Braidwood Inquiry yesterday:

Tom said critics spread myths about the stun gun's dangers.

Tom said "College students are as likely to receive an injury playing basketball, as is a person to receive an injury from a Taser."

Tom said air bags cause some deaths but save many lives, comparing the use of Tasers to that of air bags, which inflate during car crashes.

Tom said Tasers are safer than other police tools, such as batons, pepper spray, and firearms, when it comes to subduing and apprehending criminal suspects and violent individuals.

Tom said Tasers reduce injuries to officers and suspects and have revolutionized law enforcement.

Tom said Tasers don't lead to heart failure, something suggested when the inquiry began last week.

Tom said it's just a simple camera battery.

Tom said "There is no use-of-force option, ours included, that is a magic bullet."

Tom said Tasers save 70 lives for every life lost.

Tom said "I think it's extremely low," of the risk factor of using Tasers.

Tom said "I would never say never" when asked if death could result from a taser.

Tom said "There is a difference between contributing and causing. There is a big distinction."

Tom said "Are Tasers risk free? No, they cause people to fall down."

Tom said the Robert Dziekanski incident was tragic, but declined further comment until a medical examiner's investigation is completed.

Tom said "I believe this is the most studied police technology out there today."

Tom said non lethal does not mean there is no risk in using the weapons.

Tom said it is a common myth that there has been no independent research of Taser use.

Tom said 129 studies have been done on conducted energy weapons, something he calls “fantastic” ... and only 20 per cent of them were funded or sponsored by Taser International.

Tom said there have been 20 "arrest-related deaths" in Canada where a Taser was used but said a medical examiner must find direct pathological evidence linked to the Taser before he will blame his own weapon.

Tom said Taser is pursuing two lawsuits in the U.S. against medical officials who named Taser as a cause of death.

Tom WOULD NOT SAY if the company might take legal action against the Braidwood inquiry if it does not like the outcome of the investigation.

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