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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Toronto police seeking to amend regulations to allow tasers for all officers

At its next meeting on Thursday February 21, the Toronto Police Services Board will consider a report from the Chief of Police containing a recommendation that the Board write to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services to amend the regulations to allow for the expansion of TASERS to front-line police officers. The report will be item 5C on the agenda to be posted on the Board's website, click on agenda. (The Feb 21 agenda was not posted by Wednesday afternoon.)

The meeting is at 1:30 PM in Committee Room 2, second floor, Toronto City Hall.

If you would like to deliver a deputation to the Board at this meeting, call the Board secretary, Deirdre Williams at 416-808-8094, or email her at Deirdre.Williams@tpsb.ca . If you cannot attend, please send a letter to the Board using Ms Williams' email.

When we held the taser forum at Innis College on stormy and snowy February 6 (about 75 people attended), there was general agreement that we would ask as many people as possible to speak at a city hall meeting about tasers if one could be arranged. This opportunity has come up (more quickly than expected), and we hope you'll speak. The more people who speak up, the more chance we have of stopping this recommendation. Just voice your opinion, loudly and clearly, and tell the Board whatever information you think it needs to know.

John Sewell for
Toronto Police Accountability Coalition

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