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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weapon's use to be demonstrated tonight in Calgary

January 22, 2008
Suzanne Wilton, Calgary Herald

Driven by the national debate about the use of Tasers, the Calgary Police Commission decided to invite the public to learn about the weapon's use by city officers. The commission, at an open meeting tonight, will demonstrate the Taser's use in a simulation and publicly discuss the department's policy on its deployment.

"It's really an opportunity to provide information to the public . . . and address any concerns people might have," said Denis Painchaud, chairman of the public body that oversees departmental policies. Painchaud said the commission does not plan to rethink Calgary's use of the weapon. "The policy we put in place was put in place after a significant review of information and background materials," said Painchaud. "We really feel strongly we have a solid policy in terms of Taser usage." City police are required to report to the commission every time the weapon is deployed.

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