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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taser executive didn't face ENOUGH tough questions

I was astonished and more than a little disappointed at the relatively small number of people who showed up on Thursday evening in opposition to arming every Toronto police officer with a taser. Because, based on everything I've seen and read following the Dziekanski incident, I believe that the majority of Canadians feel the way I do. I don't even live in Toronto, but travelled several hours to be there anyway.

To their immense credit, those who did show up on Thursday had done their homework and were very well prepared to face off against Taser CEO Tom Smith.

Tragically, if Canadians are unwilling to put themselves out there and make themselves heard where it counts, then it won't be long before every police officer in Toronto - and indeed in the rest of Canada - is equipped with a taser. The only people who can prevent a massive rollout of tasers across the country is us. Make no mistake about it: Canada is hurtling in the direction of U.S. style cowboy policing ... taser first, ask questions later - that is, if the person lives to answer those questions.

I, for one, don't want to live in that version of Canada. But it will soon be too late to turn back the clock.


annemarie said...

I understand your astonishment and disappointment regarding the public turnout for that tazer sales pitch to the Toronto Police, but in my case, I only heard of this after the fact, by reading the globe and mail comments blog. And that was only after finding the link via a news portal, whatreallyhappened dot com.

I also feel that you are correct in your assessment that most Canadians are vehemently against Tasering. Or would be if they were more aware of what it really involves/means, and what's really going on. !

Is there a web site where notification of events, protests, etc. is published? Is there any info you could post that would be helpful in this regard. I've looked around your blog page but cannot find any such contact info. Please and thanks.

The time is now (even now is later than what it should be) to come forward and protest this cattle-prodding, this electrocuting of people.


I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I can only begin to imagine how you must feel. Bless you and may you find strength.


Reality Chick said...

annemarie, thank you for your comments. I don't believe that the event was very well publicized, likely by design. I will make some enquiries about where people can find out about protest events in Toronto. I will post what I learn on this site. I appreciate your condolences, annemarie.

annemarie said...

Thanks. I'll pop in to see if you've been able to find any info. And if I come across any, I'll post it here too. Trusting that's fine with you.

take care,

Anonymous said...

I can understand your disappointment and frustration on this issue. I am ashamed to come from the country where this hateful device originated.

People don't seem as interested as they should be here either. It's only come to wide public attention very recently. I'm pretty well informed about current events, and I knew very little about this issue up until a few months ago.

But it's a very important issue. What happened to that poor man in Minnesota who was "uncooperative" (probably just dazed) after a car crash show that tasers threaten everyone. It could have been any of us in that situation, or our loved ones. A lot of taser blogs I've looked at say that they are not against taser use, only abuse. But I think the history of the use of this the taser shows that police simply cannot be trusted with this weapon. There is too much of a temptation to abuse it. I think the only solution is a total ban. Alternatives need to be found.