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Thursday, January 03, 2008

FOUR men, including two Canadians, dead after tasers FAIL

January 3, 2008

RCMP in Vernon, British Columbia say they used a Taser with little effect before they were forced to shoot and kill a mentally ill man on December 27th. According to reports, mounties used a taser to stun 24-year-old Christopher Klim, but it had "little effect" and the officers had to use their guns, firing two shots.

On December 18th, Winnipeg police said they were forced to shoot and kill a man after a taser stun gun "failed to have any effect" on him.

On Christmas day, a 28-year-old Washington man, Aaron Larson, died when police shot him after the officer's taser "failed to stop the man."

On January 2nd, a mentally ill man in Santa Rosa, California died after police shot him. They initially used a taser on the man, but it was "ineffective."

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