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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Taser International sells tasers to Jammu and Kashmir (India) to shock protestors in the trouble torn region

JK police gets TASER guns to ‘shock’ protesters
M HYDERI, Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Sept 8: The Jammu and Kashmir police has procured TASER guns to quell protests in Valley.

Reliable sources told Greater Kashmir that police procured around 50 TASERs from the US based gun making firm.

The TASER trademark, as per observers is an acronym for Thomas A Swift's Electric Rifle.


After Pepper, and Pump Action Guns, TASER is the latest sophisticated weapon introduced in Kashmir. Pleading that TASER is Non-Lethal Weapon, police said it would be used to nab protesters by “putting them to shock”.

TASER, as per police, is an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current of around 900 volts to disrupt voluntary control of muscles.

“Someone struck by a TASER experiences stimulation of his or her sensory nerves and motor nerves, resulting in strong involuntary muscle contractions,” said a police official owning the gun in the City.

The gun, as per police, fires two electrically charged pins on the target putting him to shock so much so that he or she goes unconscious instantly.

“Basically the gun is meant to nab the uncontrollable lot in the mob,” said a police official adding that it could hit close range targets up to the distance of around 25 feet.


In the first phase, the guns are learnt to have been introduced in the summer capital of Srinagar after which cops in other districts of the trouble-torn region would be equipped.

“Presently in Srinagar officials above the rank of ASI (Assistant Sub Inspectors) have been equipped with the Taser gun,” added a police official.

Officials said the security agencies introduced the TASER as an alternative to deadly assault riffles like AK- 47 and INSAS, allegedly used mostly on the protesters in this trouble torn region.

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