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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

O'Sullivan's complaint against police 'unsubstantiated' - deputy plice chief

Belleville's deputy police chief has ruled ex-boxer Shawn O'Sullivan's complaint against the Belleville Police Service is "unsubstantiated," The Intelligencer has learned.

O'Sullivan was arrested last November by city police following a physical confrontation with a neighbour. Though criminal charges of mischief and assault were withdrawn he was placed under a court order preventing him from contacting the man.

Police and O'Sullivan agree he was shocked by a Taser or similar stun-gun device during his arrest.

But the Olympic silver medallist claims he was also beaten by police.

O'Sullivan's lawyer, Bill Reid of Toronto, said yesterday Belleville Police Deputy Chief Paul VandeGraaf ruled O'Sullivan's complaint is "unsubstantiated" in the wake of an internal review by the police service, Reid said.

The deputy chief would not address the complaint directly but said O'Sullivan can still ask Ontario's Office of the Independent Police Review Director to review the case.

Reid said he and O'Sullivan will pursue that review.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chief,

I have very carefully reviewed the traffic ticket that was issued to me last year by your department and I have determined that the traffic ticket is "unsubstantiated". Therefore I will not be paying the suggested fine, nor accepting any points on my driving record.

However, we can certainly agree on one thing: this self-investigation is great. I love it!!

Yours most respectfully, Joe Citizen.

Anonymous said...

some of these cops get on a power trip and think they are above the law. Use of tasers should be banned in Canada. Just like its alaways been, a police officer should be trianed and physically capable of restraining a 50 year old man with out a taser. If he or she cannot then sharpen your pencil and get behind a desk, all of you are already over paid and underworked!