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Monday, June 14, 2010

Alabama teen dies

June 13, 2010: William Owens, 17, Homewood, Alabama - the SIXTH 17-year-old to have been tasered to death in the last few years.

June 14, 2010
Barnett Wright -- The Birmingham News

An investigation is under way after a 17-year-old died early Sunday morning following a confrontation with Homewood police, officers said.

Homewood Sgt. Andrew Didcoct said officers responded to a burglary call at 1 a.m. and saw youths breaking into a car and went to stop them. One of the youths resisted, Didcoct said.

An officer used a Taser on one of the youths, a male, who later died, Didcoct said.

No other information was available. The Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the coroner's office are trying to determine the cause of death, Didcoct said.

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Excited-Delirium blog said...

I have no info. But I can predict...

X26 taser
transcardiac chest hit
"difficulty breathing"
and tragically died of unknown and/or preexisting medical conditions