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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poland's commissioner for civil-rights protection dies in crash of Poland's presidential plane

We extend our sincerest condolences to the people of Poland - we are very sorry for your loss.

One victim of the crash of Poland`s presidential plane was, according to the Associate Press, Dr. Janusz Kochanowski, Poland`s top civil-rights watchdog who, at the Braidwood Inquiry, said a crucial e-mail dissected at the inquiry suggested the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was “deliberate, intentional and planned in advance.”

Dr. Kochanowski was awaiting the final Braidwood report before determining whether opportunities existed to launch a Polish-based prosecution of the officers involved in Mr. Dziekanski`s death at the Vancouver airport.

While Poland`s Ambassador in Canada, Mr. Piotr Ogrodzinski, said that was not necessarily his government`s position, he noted that Dr. Kochanowski was an “independent agent in our system” with the latitude to do what he wants for the protection of civil rights “where they are in jeopardy.”

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