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Friday, April 09, 2010

Colorado deputy suspended for using Taser on students

One week WITH PAY???

Here's your precedent, Sheriff Holte: "3 fired, 2 resign after Florida prisons shock kids - May 15, 2009 - By JESSICA GRESKO, Associated Press - MIAMI (AP) — Demonstrations at three Florida prisons where more than 40 children were shocked with stun guns have led to the dismissal of three employees and the resignation of two others, the Department of Corrections said ..."

April 9, 2010
By The Associated Press

LEADVILLE — A Lake County sheriff’s deputy who attended a job fair has been suspended for using a stun gun on 30 high school students who said they wanted to know what it felt like.

Sheriff Ed Holte says Deputy John Ortega has been suspended for one week with pay for Thursday’s demonstration. Ortega has been a deputy since August 2008.

Tasers administer a nonlethal electric shock and is used by law enforcement to help subdue suspects.

Officials say Ortega some students suffered burns of varying degrees when the Taser was applied to their legs. At least one student was treated at a hospital.

Authorities are considering whether to file criminal charges.

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