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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tucson Police Use Muscle Power Instead of Tasers and Batons

February 2, 2010
Patrick McArdle
Tucson Life in Photos, Examiner

Seldom do police officers get recognized for not beating folks they are arresting. In fact, lately, I cannot recall any good news cop stories. On February 2 at the Shell gas station on Country Club and 22nd street I was privy to a good news cop story.

The officers were putting an alleged drunk into the squad car. He was violently resisting, lurching forward trying to escape. The Tucson officers could have easily justified knocking him to the ground, giving a few whacks on the way down. It could have been messy and violent.

Instead the officers used common sense and sound judgment. There were, after all, five very big cops against one not so huge man.

The officers didn’t scream or shout. They remained calm and steadily moved him closer to the car. It took less than five minutes to get the man in the car. No taser, no beating, just good old muscle power and civility.

Congratulations and kudos to these Tucson Police officers for demonstrating civility, good judgment and common sense.

Watch the slideshow here.


Meanwhile, at a high school in Monessen, Pennsylvania on Friday:

The video speaks for itself.

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Excited-Delirium said...

Those Tuscon Police officers did exactly the right thing. Bless their hearts. And I'm very glad to see such good news stories being highlighted. Excellent!!