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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Taser cartridge lost by Winnipeg police

February 20, 2010
CBC News

A piece of Taser equipment fell off an officer's police vest Friday night, and is lost somewhere in northwest Winnipeg. The item, described as a cartridge inside a pouch, is not the electric stun gun's firing unit but does contain the device's probe wires. "The Winnipeg Police Service would like to advise that the cartridge could pose a risk of harm to the public," police said in a media release issued Saturday. "If the cartridge was to be picked up by an unsuspecting person and carried in a pocket, a build-up of static energy could activate the cartridge, causing the probes to be propelled." The release did not say when the officer noticed the cartridge had fallen off, but said police are still looking for it.


Critical Mass said...

Are you missing two Taser victims, both named "Oliver"? I searched your "List of the Dead" and did not find either Kenneth Oliver, 45, of Miami-Dade, or Anthony Carl Oliver Sr, in the Orlando area of Florida.

Here are the links to the two death-following-Taser-shots stories:



Please check if these two deaths are listed.


Critical Mass said...

Upon closer review, I see now that both "Olivers" are on your list.