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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fatality Inquiry into the Death of Howard Hyde

Fatality Inquiry Into The Death Of Howard Hyde

Pursuant to the Fatality Investigations Act, S.N.S. 2001 C. 31

Presiding: The Honourable Judge Anne Derrick of the Nova Scotia Provincial Court

Inquiry Counsel: Dan MacRury Q.C., Chief Crown Attorney for the Cape Breton Region

Schedule: July 6-10, 13-17, 20-24, August 4-7 and 10-14, 2009

Location: The Law Courts, 1815 Upper Water St. Halifax - Courtroom #304

Video and audio of the Inquiry will be streamed live at www.hydeinquiry.ca on the scheduled hearing dates (above).

To view proceedings live, click here: LIVE WEB-CAST OF HYDE INQUIRY

To view archived recordings of completed proceedings, click here: HYDE INQUIRY ARCHIVE

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I believe TASERS are a required Use Of Force Tool for Police Officers and others in Law Enforcement such as Correctional Officers.

We seem to forget the Use of Force Model which begins with VERBAL, then SOFT HAND CONTROL, Then HARD HAND CONTROL, Then OC SPRAY (PEPPER SPRAY), then TASER ,Then FIRE ARM......

I have personally been tased several times. I have also been OC Sprayed many times during my duties and training.. Neither is plesant but they are effective. THE OC Spray sometimes has effects for up to 5 hours or so. THe Taser effects wore off immediatly on me personally.. Was not a good feeling at all but very effective.

If used properly Extremely useful tools.

Lets not forget Use of Force Tactics arent used on the everyday individual Law Enforcement people deal with.

A Person must be disobeying a direct order and becoming physical and violent at which time the LAW Personnel decide the level of force required.

I personally am not issued a Taser. YES I would like to have its availability but for me as of yet I have not had need for one which is fortunate.

I have been in situations where I have almost had to shoot an armed individual where a taser could have ended the situation much easier and much safer for those around us. Fortunatly Things ended well..

As Lawenforcement. We deal with the Drug Using population. Some of whom are known to us and some are not.

Many are IV Drug users and carry needles aruond in their pockets. I have had the unfortunate luck to have received a needle stick while searching one of these individuals. Not a feeling I want anyone else to experience .. scarry to think of what you might take home to your family...

I have been attacked by a suspect when confronting them..Had to physically restrain them and then afterwards pulled knived tucked in their waastbands... (STEAK KNIVES - Not your usual pocket knife...)

All things law enforcement personnel think of...

We to prefer to have things go smooth.. NOone ever wishes to get hurt themself or hurt anyone else in the execution of their duties.

Unfortunately we seem to deal with those suffering from Mental Health issues more frequently these days. People whom I felel sorry for and wish the Health care system could offer better assistance to.

Sometimes their symptoms mimic that of a drug user. Sometimes they are a drug user and also suffer from mental illness.

In a nut shell. I feel the Taser is a useful tool. When used in the appropriate situations it may save someones life. I do not Armchair quarterback Taser Incidents we hear of. That is for the courts and the Senior executive to determine.

I know the police Dept. I am employed with has Tasers which when turned on audio and video tape the incident// Camera and mic in the front of the taser...

Also it caries a data input which downloads to a computer by Senior staff showing its use time etc etc....

As for hearing the comments sometimes such as" "There were 3 big police and only 1 suspect"... Lets not forget the numbers are in the favor of the police but they to dont wish to get stabbed, bitten, poked by needle..etc as the list goes on.

You are only seeing what the media gets a glimpse of.. If you could be there to see the whole situation you may feel differently.. Perhaps arrange to go on a RIDE-ALONG with a police officer and see what it is they do if your area departments support this..then share your experience with those you know...

All people seem to care about voicing opinions on is the negative and not the positive...

We as plice learn to think outside the box. This might be something for others to consider..

TASER: Keep up the good work. This product will save lives when used positively as a defensive tool...