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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Armed robbery suspect dies after bizarre Langley incident

October 1, 2008
Catherine Rolfsen, Vancouver Sun

A man died in hospital Tuesday after smashing naked through a second-storey window and being Tasered by Langley RCMP. Police believe the bizarre incident, which occurred at a modest two-storey residence at 19917 47A Avenue in Langley, was linked to an earlier armed robbery.

Cpl. Peter Thiessen said that at about 11 a.m., police received a call of a robbery at the Royal Bank in the 4000 block of 200 Street.

A man in his 40s, armed with a gun and acting violently, knocked over an elderly woman and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash, police say.

A witness saw the suspect run down an alley, and later followed a van that emerged, thinking the man was in it. While talking to police by phone, the witness followed the van to the residence on 47A Avenue.

When police arrived at the home, they heard yelling between a man and a woman from inside, Thiessen said. "It was believed that the armed robbery suspect was in the home," he said. "At one point, an unknown male fell through, or broke through a living room window from the second floor, landing on the ground below," Thiessen said. "He had severe cuts, lacerations, severe chest wounds." Thiessen did not say what caused the chest wounds. The man was also stark naked, Thiessen said.

One police officer struggled with him, Thiessen said, but the man wouldn't obey police officers. "The suspect then was attempting to flee back into the home, where we knew there was an adult female, we knew there was possibly a weapon associated with the armed robbery," he said. "So with the interest of public safety, and the interest of the potential victim inside the residence and the interest of officer safety, they utilized their conducted energy weapon."

Thiessen said officers were then able to secure the suspect. He was transported to hospital and later pronounced dead. Cause of death is not yet known, and Thiessen said an autopsy is scheduled.

Thiessen said the woman who was in the residence was arrested for further investigation. It's not yet clear what happened inside and why the man came through the window.

The investigation is being handled by the RCMP's major crimes unit with the support of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team. Thiessen said police have asked Vancouver city police to oversee the investigation.

The incident happened at the end of a quiet residential street across from a popular bike park. Several blocks were cordoned off by police Tuesday evening.


Anonymous said...

Question - if it is proven he died from the chest wounds will you still count this as a death. Are you about the Truth?? "He had severe cuts, lacerations, severe chest wounds." Thiessen did not say what caused the chest wounds.

Reality Chick said...

Answer - If it is proven - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that the man's chest wounds were THE ONLY CAUSE of his death, I will weigh that against the fact that taser shocks, which may not leave any "provable" trace in the body, would have been detrimental to the man's chances of surviving his chest wounds.

Anonymous said...

When did you become the judge and jury, just like the guy that died from poking his eye out. No one else counts this as a taser case, yet you do. Your truths and not truths

Reality Chick said...

I became so-called "judge and jury" five years and 58 deaths AFTER police took that role upon themselves with the use of tasers. It's a dirty job, but somebody had to do it!

And every person who dies after they were tasered - regardless of what other circumstances existed at the time of the death - is mentioned here and and that will not change. You can send me all the nasty comments you want (most of which I don't bother to read nor publish)- you will not change the way I do things here.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Reality Chick..you don't have to put up with idiots who just don't get what you have been trying to achieve with your blog. You do a disservice by allowing their stupid comments on such an important issue. Those of us who follow the taser trail appreciate your updates and cannot imagine how much work it takes to put this together. Ignore the fools and keep doing what you do best...informing the public..and thanks so much for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

An autopsy has been performed but the cause of death has not yet been released. Police have noted that Mr. Frachette had significant stab wounds to his chest before being subdued by officers with a Taser.

Eric said...

No one else counts this as a taser case, yet you do

I did, from day one here: Langley RCMP kill unarmed (and seriously wounded) man with taser

So much for your own truthworthyness, Anonymous 2.

Eric said...

No one else counts this as a taser case, yet you do.
The Edmonton Sun doesn't agree with you either, anonymous 2:

The latest Canadian victim in a Taser-related incident is a 49-year-old from Langley, B.C. who died on Tuesday after crashing through the window of a home and being jolted by an RCMP stun gun.

read it here; by the Associated Press.