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Monday, April 21, 2008

Braidwood Inquiry Website

From Page One of the Braidwood Inquiry website:

The Government of British Columbia has appointed the Honourable Thomas R. Braidwood, QC as the head of two inquiries.

The first commission of inquiry is a "study" commission to report on the use of conducted energy weapons (Tasers) in British Columbia, and to make recommendations respecting their appropriate use.

The second commission of inquiry is a "hearing and study" commission to provide the Dziekanski family and the public with a complete record of the circumstances of Mr. Robert Dziekanski’s death and to make recommendations the Commissioner considers necessary and appropriate.

Thomas R. Braidwood, QC, the sole commissioner for these inquiries, is a former judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Court of Appeal of British Columbia and Yukon Territory.

The first commission will receive written submissions and hold forums for individuals and groups to make presentations to the commission. For more information on the submission process or to participate in a forum please visit the Submissions or Forums pages.

The commission is committed to an open process and looks forward to hearing from interested parties and the public. The commission will review all submissions received. The commission will keep the public informed on its proceedings through regular updates to this website.

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