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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Liberal MP says Mounties should speed up taser document review

March 27, 2008
The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The Liberal public safety critic says the RCMP should accelerate its plan to consider releasing more information about Taser use. The Mounties have launched a review, expected to take two weeks, to see if additional information, gleaned from forms detailing use of the electronic weapons, can be publicly disclosed.

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh called on the Mounties to fix their "colossal mistake" more quickly.

A joint investigation by The Canadian Press and CBC found the Mounties are now censoring key elements that must be recorded each time officers draw their stun guns.

The force no longer reveals whether the people targeted were armed or not, the precise dates of firings, and whether the device caused any burns, cuts or bruises.

The RCMP, stung by accusations of undue secrecy, revisited its decision to strip Taser reports of crucial information after Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day demanded the police force take a second look.

A spokesman for Day said late Wednesday the minister, whose chief-of-staff spoke with Mountie Commissioner William Elliott, "has asked for and received assurances from the commissioner that the RCMP will further review the matter."

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