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Monday, March 03, 2008

Chief says force will continue to use taser

March 3, 2008
Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Police Service chief Keith McCaskill told the city's protection and community services oversight committee this morning that members on the force receive adequate use-of-force training as it relates to the devices, and that they will continue to use them in the course of daily policing.

"They're the right thing for Winnipeg right now -- they're not used indiscriminately," McCaskill said.

The city had asked for police to review the use of the stun guns in the wake of several national incidents where the use of Tasers was called into question after the recent death of a Polish man in Vancouver that sparked national outrage.

On Oct. 14, Robert Dziekanski died after being repeatedly Tasered and pinned to the floor by RCMP officers at the Vancouver airport.

McCaskill said a Taser has never been used by a member of the Winnipeg police who did not have the proper training, and said the department's policy regarding their responsible use is clear.

"As it stands right now, we're happy with the weapon," McCaskill said.

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