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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuscon PD officer, 43, dies of heart attack 1 day after being tased

As far as I know, Henry Fung is the first police officer to die after being tasered. Many have been seriously injured, but this is the first police officer (that I'm aware of) who has died. He volunteered to take a taser shot during training on Monday, died of a heart attack on Tuesday.  Officer Fung becomes the 699th person to die in North America after being tasered.

TUCSON - A six-year veteran of the Tucson Police Department in his 40's died of a heart attack yesterday - TPD says he was tased during training Monday, but multiple doctors say that did not contribute to his death.

Henry Fung, 43, died after a heart attack while off-duty yesterday, Tucson Police officials confirmed to News 4 Tucson. They say he volunteered to be shot with a TASER during training on Monday.

TPD officials also say that multiple physicians at local area hospitals confirmed to them that the TASER did not contribute to his death

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