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Sunday, July 24, 2011

NOT AGAIN!!! Winnipeg police lose Taser cartridge

Tsk tsk tsk - Winnipeg police lost FIVE taser cartridges in 2010 and TWO so far this year!! How hard can it be??

Winnipeg police are appealing to the public for help after an officer lost a Taser cartridge in the city's north end.

Police are advising anyone who finds the piece of equipment — which is used to fire the weapon — to contact them immediately.

"Taser has advised us that electronic static build-up in a pocket has been known to activate the cartridge, so in other words activate the electronic discharge that usually comes from the gun itself," said Duty Insp. Scott Halley.

The officer who lost the device was on duty in Division 13, an area policed by the station at 260 Hartford Ave.

Police say the cartridge is in a pouch and that a search is ongoing.

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