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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cop threatened to Taser prisoners

February 2, 2011
Sam Pazzano, Toronto Sun

A Toronto Police officer admitted he threatened to Taser two prisoners in the testicles to force the duo to help him catch a suspect.

Const. Christopher Hominuk, 37, pleaded guilty to one count of threatening bodily harm in a May 24, 2010 incident involving two suspects.

Both victims were handcuffed and sitting alone in different police cruisers.

Hominuk’s actions were captured on the in-cruiser video cameras, which revealed him slapping Robert James Bolgan, 47, in the face and forcing him to lay down on the back seat.

The video was played in open court before Justice Hugh Fraser Monday.

As soon as Hominuk opened the cruiser door, he pushed his Taser into Bolgan’s genital area.

Crown attorney Philip Perlmutter said Hominuk demanded to know from Bolgan the identity of a missing suspect. Bolgan replied he didn’t know.

“I’ll f---ing Taser. If you are lying to me, when I get back to the station, I’m Tasering you in the f---ing nuts,” Hominuk barked at Bolgan.

Bolgan had redness to the side of his forehead where he was struck.

Hominuk then confronted his second victim, Roger William Bradshaw, 39, who was lying in a nearby cruiser’s back seat.

Hominuk pressed his Taser into Bradshaw’s neck and repeated his demand for the identity of the fugitive. When Bradshaw insisted he didn’t know him, Hominuk snarled: “If I find out you’re lying, I’m going to f---ing Taser you in the nuts.”

Bradshaw was unharmed. The Taser was never activated or used on either man.

A sentencing hearing for Hominuk, 37, is scheduled for June 14 at College Park.

Hominuk and other officers were investigating a break-in at some tractor trailers in Etobicoke when police arrested the two men and another individual at 36 Taymall Rd.

Court heard that neither victim was intimidated or physically injured. Neither complained about the threats or treatment. Hominuk’s Taser was never activated or used in the incident.

Hominuk’s misconduct was discovered while police viewed the in-camera video for an unrelated purpose.

Hominuk, a 14-year officer with an exemplary record and was a probationary sergeant at the time. He’s married and has two children, said his lawyer Peter Brauti.

Brauti told court “there will be medical evidence that will be an extenuating circumstance” at the sentencing hearing.

Hominuk lost his probationary rank and could lose his job if he’s sentenced to a custodial or conditional sentence, said Brauti.

Hominuk was suspended with pay since being charged in June last year.

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