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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taser launches new stun gun for wildlife

Published in the Toronto Sun, under the banner NEWS-WEIRD

January 21, 2011
By QMI Agency - Toronto Sun

Problem bear sneaking around your trash can? Don't get mad, get a Taser.

Taser International, the company known for making its stun gun, widely used by law enforcement agencies in North America, has unveiled a new weapon that will soon be available for wildlife managers.

The Taser Wildlife Electronic Control Device is a three-shot, semi-automatic Taser designed specifically to incapacitate large animals from as far away as nearly 11 metres.

With a retail price of $1,999.95, the wildlife stun gun is said to be nearly indestructible by the elements, able to survive "sea spray, rain, dust, electrostatic discharge and even short-term water submersion."

In a release about the product earlier this week, Taser International said that "published research has shown that wildlife managers sometimes need to use tools to modify animal behaviour to avoid dangerous human-animal conflicts and the loss of animal life."

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pkb said...

TASER Inc.'s CEO says it all: "Just as our Taser technology is a safer and more effective option to stop dangerous individuals, the Taser Wildlife ECD is an extension of Taser's technology to save animal lives", Rick Smith, the company's co-founder and chief executive officer, is quoted as saying in an MSNBC article.
Shortly afterwards, according to the same source, “Shares of the company fell 6 cents to close at $4.75 Tuesday”.
Clearly the Bear market was not amused.