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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Media advisory from the Canadian Civil Rights Movement

Vancouver, November 4, 2009
Canadian Civil Rights Movement

The Canadian Civil Rights Movement suggests that the suit being brought by Cst. Kwesi Millington, against the CBC, is a desperate and cynical ploy similar to the legal action and current appeal challenging the authority of the Braidwood Commission. It is not uncommon for an individual attempting to escape responsibility for his actions and discredit the source of the evidence against him.

A democratic society demands that its law enforcement agencies be transparent and accountable. An unfettered media is the key to a well informed public. The suit against the national public broadcaster and a major media source is an attempt to send a message and threaten other media outlets and broadcasters. It is intended to intimidate and silence the media which has been pursuing the truth and reporting it to Canadians.

The public and the media should view this action also as nothing more than a heavy-handed attempt at avoiding accountability and transparency of an RCMP culture and a waste of resources and taxpayers money, at diversionary tactics.

Zygmunt Riddle

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