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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Edmonton Police Service reacts to RCMP report on tasers

December 13, 2007
CHED Radio

Constable Tassone, answer me this: why were a jaywalker, a sleeping man and a passed out teenager, to name a few, tasered by Edmonton Police if the recommendations made by the RCMP are already EPS policy??

EDMONTON/630 CHED - Constable Joe Tassone is a Taser instructor with the Police Safety Unit. He has taken a look at the report says most of the recommendations are already EPS policy. For that reason he says the report will not likely have an impact on the way officers deploy the weapons. "As far as incorporating any of those measures, we are going to stick with what we have currently," Tassone said. "It's very similar." With all the recent negative attention the Taser has received -- Tassone says he has fielded more questions from officers but for the most part it has had little impact.

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